I stumbled on RSN on, and i was immediately interested because it concerned the youth, i visited their blog( and their site, but its their vision am in love with.

R S N is a vision to mentor secondary school student in other to perform better in school, they even go as far as giving coachings to thses students,RsN offers a unique mentoring leadership development program which pairs the disadvantaged youths with matured and responsible Graduates, Corps members, and other young professionals who are experienced and successful in their chosen field of study. The added care, personal attention and encouragement which the students receive from their Mentors, would help them realize their potential and take responsibility for their own lives

Resource Sharing Network (RsN) is a not-for-profit, Youth-Led organization which is set out to improve the academic performance of students in Secondary Schools, and to restore conscientiousness to school work and activities amongst young people. The program provides a platform for learning through our mentoring scheme, Coaching Classes, Career Talks, Leadership Programs, Ethics, etc. RSN is affiliated to A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace.

We are a group of committed young people who are passionate for a change in the educational system of our nation, Nigeria.

There are two arms of Resource Sharing Network, these are:
Youths Mentoring Youths: This involves tutoring and Mentoring of young people in Senior Secondary Schools.
Save-A-Soul Scheme: It involves voluntary donation of gift items, school materials etc to Special Schools for physically challenged youths.

for more information click on the title of the post to visit their site.

Nigerian Youth can you think?

Every time i see a new day, i count it a previledge to impart something great into people, and i still cant help but talk about this TOPIC once again of the EFFECTS OF THINKING, not just thinking but thinking right, as i surf the web everyday, i can see that Nigerians are eventually waking up, but still most of what we do is an imitation of what other countries have done, am not saying this is wrong, all am saying is, we too can think of an idea that the WORLD would have to pay for, do u believe this?. Its okay to start with imitation, but we cannot afford to stay there, i am particularly talking to the NIGERIAN YOUTH, let us begin to think right, believe me good ideas dont only belong to only white skinned men, it comes to those who can make their minds available, let us begin to think, and tap into the unlimited potentials inside of us, i strongly believe there is a book unwritten inside of you, there is an invention unmade inside of you, there is an idea that the world needs inside of you, all you have to do is launch it out.
Nigerian Youth can you think? i absolutely believe you can, wake up its a new day and start thinking of what you can do for your country and the world at large.START THINKING

Nigerian youth wait as Asuu and FG holds meeting

The Nigeria youh are waiting patiently once again, to hear what the outcome of the meeting today between ASUU and the federal government, it looks like all this meetings are becoming too much, because there has not been any significant positive result since the issue of the strike started.

THE Federal Government has set machinery in motion to return the striking university lecturers to classes, as Ministry of Labour will, today, hold an emmergency meeting with the representatives of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to finalise talks on point of their grievances.

The ministry had, on Tuesday, placed emergency calls to the ASUU leaders for the meeting to be headed by the Minister of Labour, Prince Adetokunbo Kayode (SAN), who would not attend the Federal Executive Council meeting at the presidential villa(today) in order to attend to the ASUU delegates.

Adetokunbo made this known in Abuja as he appeared before the House of Representatives Committee on Labour, disclosing that the Federal Government had no problem meeting the demands of ASUU, having graciously conceeded to the lecturers’ demands.

He said the government had been good to the lecturers by agreeing to grant total autonomy to the Nigerian universities, accepting that lecturers should retire at age 70, fund the universities as well as increase the salaries of ASUU members as contained in their four-point demands.

The labour minister said it was ASUU that was playing hard to get by rejecting the 40 per cent increase in the salaries of lecturers while the union stuck to 109 per cent increase

The minister told the House of Representatives members that the government bowed to the demand by ASUU for salary increase by offering a 40 per cent lift, disclosing that while the Federal Government would pay as much as N105 billion to off-set the lecturers’ salaries, ASUU was insisting on taking nothing less than N175 billion.

All this talk is getting too much, yes we know dialogue is needed, but it becomes irrelevant, when there are no positive outcomes, How long do we have to wait more?

Minister for education pleads on behalf of Nigerian youth

THE Federal Government, on Monday, refuted claim by the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) that it had planned to introduce N180,000 tuition fees for each student per session in the federal universities in the country.

Minister of Education, Dr. Sam Egwu, reacting to the development in Abuja that culminated into the indefinite strike by the union, on Monday, said it was an attempt to blackmail the government.

Egwu, however, appealed to the striking university lecturers to return to class in the interest of the Nigerian children, assuring that the government was doing all it could within the limit of its resources to resolve all the issues amicably.

SSANU, President, Comrade Promise Adewusi, rising from the union’s National Executive Council Meeting, told journalists, on Sunday, that the Federal Government was planning to introduce outrageous N180,000 tuition fees per session in federal universities, which was rejected by the union.

Dr. Egwu, at the news conference in Abuja, said: “I wish to assure you and all Nigerians that this was not an issue during the re-negotiations referred to by SSANU.

“For the sake of emphasis, government has never contemplated nor has it introduced tuition fees in federal tertiary institutions. I, therefore, consider this a deliberate attempt on the part of SSANU to blackmail the government,” he stated.

The truth of the matter is we need fast action rather than pleads, disagreement and conflict, something can be done or Nigerian youth dont you think so????

Awolowo's legacy and the Nigerian youth lecture Begins

THE Obafemi Awolowo Foundation Dialogue, in collaboration with the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, will hold a Centennial lecture to celebrate the sage, today and tomorrow. The lecture on the theme “The Awolowo Legacy and the Youth,” will be held at the Oduduwa Hall of the university.

A release by the committee stated that the Vice Chancellor of OAU, Professor Michael Faborode, would be the chairman on the occasion while the keynote addresses would be delivered by Chief Anthony Enahoro on the topic: “The making of a Legacy”. Dr. Wale Adebanwi would speak on “The Future of the Legacy: Challenges and Prospects.”

Other activities slated for the event include Governors’ Roundtable ‘Sustaining the legacy’, to be chaired by Professor Bolaji Akinyemi. The second plenary session on the theme “Strength from the Past” would be chaired by General Alani Akinrinade.

Expected to lead the discourse at the second session are Professor David Oke, Professor Sam Aluko, Professor Femi Mimiko and Professor W. Alade Fawole.

The speaker at the luncheon which holds between 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. is Chief Pere Ajunwa, while the dinner and award ceremony begins at 7.00 p.m.

Activities on the second day will be chaired by Professor A. A. B. Agbaje. The theme of the lecture for the day is “The Future of the Awo Legacy” and the speakers are Professor Kayode Soremekun, Ambassador Isaac Aluko-Olokun, Professor Ademola Popoola and Professor Sola Akinrinade.

The speaker at the luncheon is Mr. Ituah Ighodalo and the final plenary theme is “Towards a Brighter Tomorrow” — Youth Forum. It will be chaired and moderated by Dr. Lateef Durosinmi, while the speakers are the Students Union presidents of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), University of Ibadan, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Adekunle Ajasin University and University of Ado-Ekiti.

Music will be supplied by Yinka Davies in the evening to round off the two-day activities.

Nigerian Youth student's stay@ home prolonged

THE Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has accused the Federal Government of employing propaganda and distortion of facts on issues that led to the current strike in the public universities.

The union also said it was yet to receive any order from the Industrial Arbitration Panel (IAP), asking it to go back to the classrooms. The chairman of ASUU, Ilorin Zone, Professor Eddy Olanipekun, said in Akure at the weekend, that instead of addressing the issues that led to the strike, the Federal Government was only chasing shadow.

He said the allegation that the union wanted the Federal Government to provide the quantum of money needed to fund the university system in the country, was not true.

He however, said the union had agreed with the Federal Government’s team that the injection of funds in the country should be in phases until the minimum 26 per cent target was attained.

ASUU said, “It is therefore not true, as being branded in some quarters, that the union wanted government to produce the quantum of funds required to fund the education system at once. It is also not true that government cannot find the resources from which to make the required level of funding available.

“The issue of conditions of service for academic staff of Nigerian universities has been unduly politicised. The propaganda of government, which has been projected in many press and media briefings by government functionaries, is that ASUU members are only concerned about their salaries and conditions of service

Please, Please and Please we are tired of all this talk, can something be done, Nigerian youths can keep staying at home

Also watch out for the news of Federal government increasing student tution in federal universities to 180,000 per session.......VERY FUNNY

Nigerian youth and JAMB

Nigerian youth have suffered enough ordeal in the hands of our almighty JOINT ADMISSION AND MATRICULATION BOARD (JAMB).Looks like that is the most dreaded name in the country, the issue of JAMB as made alot of people loose hope of going to an higher institution, it has forced some to leave the country, it has made some opt for the private institution, while some have had to go for pre-degree, diploma, IJMB, sandwitch programms as a means of entering the higher institution. This has brought about so many questions to the minds of Nigerians, alot of people read extra-ordinarily for this exam, yet they fail it, while some dont even read well and they get good marks, JAMB as been described as an examination of luck, is that how its suppose to be?

There has been alot of questions in the minds of people, especially the question'IS JAMB A TRUE TEST OF KNOWLEDGE?', since it has become an examination of luck student would rather pray than read for it. There has been alot of uproars in the past about the crimes of examination mal practices involved with the exam, issues of special center's and special candidates where the height of this crimes go on. Due to this universities in Nigeria started the POST-JAMB screening arrangement, and such comments like people who even passed the JAMB exam cant answer simple questions, so my question is what in the world are we doing?

Attimes i feel the failure of JAMB is political, what do i mean? we dont even have enough universities for all applied student who write the JAMB exam, so why wont we have mass failure, because even if these student pass, will the universities be able to take in all this people?

To be continued..........................

Nigerian youth need to start thinking

I have noticed that most of us need a push before we can do anything, we want someone to tell us what to do and how to do it at all times, we must understand that in as much as that its good for people to lead us, we need to move at a certain point in our life, we need to rise up to the occassion. Thats why you are called a youth, if you spend quality time thinking about the right things, at the end of the day, you discover that you come out with good and quality ideas, and as the chinese saying goes in english "GOOD THINKING, GOOD PRODUCT".

What you produce, is what you have been thinking about, when you think of negative things, that is what you will eventually start producing, if you think of positive things, thats what you will produce. I discovered that the youth in other developed nations are the ones making things happen, the youth of any country can determine in the long run what that country will become, in china for instance, the youths produce most of those things that are imported to nigeria, is it not so sad that as small as a sharpener or eraser can be we still want to import it, let us start thinking, we can make things happen if only we are ready to start thinking.

Download Adobe Photoshop CS3 -

Photoshop CS3 gives you the ability to work more productively, edit with unrivalled power, and composite with breakthrough tools.

New features for productivity include:

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Download AIMP 2.60.486 Beta 2

Download AIMP 2.60.486 Beta 2 -

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Red Strat and Nigeria Youth

This is an organisation that concentrates on the Nigerian youth and focus is on their way of life, but most importantly, they identify the achievements of youths in the country, i went through their website just yesterday, looked up the nominees of the last award, i was surprised that we had such inteligent people in our nation, the truth of the matter is, the world is filled with challenges, but despite that we have people that have dammned these obstacles and found their way to the top, people just like you and me, young, energetic, inspiring youths and Red Strat has made it its job to seek out these ones. This is what RED STRAT has to say;

Organiser of The Future.. Awards, RedSTRAT is a strategic communications company, primarily targeted at the young - and the young at heart, as well as a youth resource agency. Through a keen and consistently correct understanding of young people, their needs, their wants, their current raves and craves it is able to connect with them effectively.

Click the title of this page to go to their site and get more information.


UNITED States President, Barack Obama has, again, used the Kenyan example to impress upon the African leadership on the need for policy change.
This was made during a meeting with leaders of Egypt, Algeria, Senegal, Nigeria, Libya and Ethiopia at the close of the Group of Eight summit at the l’Aquila town of Italy on Friday.This was the second time he was making reference to Kenya to urge good governance in Africa.The US president also acknowledged the discussions with the African leaders during a press conference after the meeting reiterating:The US president is said to have shared that when his father, Barack Obama Sr., left Kenya, the country’s GDP was higher than that of Korea. He added that South Korea was now industrialised and relatively wealthy while Kenya, as well as much of Africa, is still struggling economically.



DIGNIFIED Youth Development Mission (DYDM), a non-governmental and non-profit organisation has enlightened Nigerian youths on the peril in unhealthy addiction and HIV/AIDS.

The organisation enlightened the youths during the 2009 Dignified Youth Rally, themed “Repositioning for Outstanding Success,” at the New Lecture Theatre, North Campus of The Polytechnic, Ibadan recently.

The director of the organisation, Dr. (Mrs.) Bola Adeniyi, during her lecture on “Dignified Youth and Unhealthy Addiction” discussed the peril in unhealthy addiction, while suggesting ways out. She also gave a pictorial lecture on HIV/AIDS.

She noted that for any youth to record outstanding success, he must totally avoid any form of unhealthy addiction and abstain from casual sex and the usage of unsterilised sharp objects.

The organisation, however, gave educational endowment to five orphans. The endowment according to Dr. Adeniyi, was to empower the youth academically, thereby reducing the spate of social vices in the society.

Meanwhile, the team of the DYDM had earlier paid a courtesy visit on the Rector of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Professor Moshood Nasaar, to intimate him with the organisation, while the latter gave an assurance of total support.

The participants called for the establishment of the organisation in Nigerian tertiary institutions.


A special Obafemi Awolowo Foundation Dialogue is being jointly organised by the Obafemi Awolowo Foundation and Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. This is intended to be a dialogue involving the Nigerian youth and the generation of their parents and it is entitled: “The Awolowo legacy and the youth.A statement by Dr. Tokunbo Awolowo-Dosumu said the dialogue would take place in the Oduduwa Hall of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, on July 21 and July 22, 2009, adding it was intended to encourage an open discussion of the Awo legacy in all its ramifications and its enduring relevance as a potent strategy for addressing the problems of Nigeria’s underdevelopment.

Following two agenda-setting keynote addresses, presentations are structured to examine the philosophical underpinning of the Awo legacy, strengths, challenges and achievements from the past, present efforts, to move the development agenda forward and, finally, a prescription of feasible strategies to move the vision into the future, in the light of current and predicted national and global challenges and opportunities.

The keynote addresses will be presented by elder statesman and key member of Chief Awolowo’s legendary cabinet in the defunct Western Region, Chief Anthony Enahoro, who will speak on “The making of a legacy,” and a young scholar, Dr. Wale Adebanwi, who will speak on “The future of the legacy: Challenges and opportunities.” This will be immediately followed by a Governors’ Roundtable on the theme, “Sustaining the Legacy.”

The second and third plenary sessions will each be led by Nigerians, who understand the problems and the final session will be a youth forum entitled, “Towards a brighter tomorrow,” and will be led by undergraduates from five universities, whose analyses will reflect their own generation’s perception, awareness and hopes.

An award ceremony to honour some of those who have contributed immeasurably to the founding and development of Obafemi Awolowo University, an institution which is a quintessential legacy of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, is also part of the programme.


Three of the four major demands of the striking Academic Staff Union of Nigerian Universities [ASUU] were accepted by the Federal Executive Council [FEC] at its meeting in Abuja yesterday, with government saying it was still studying the fourth, very important demand for a wage hike. Speaking after the FEC meeting, Information and Communications Minister Professor Dora Akunyili said "Government has accepted autonomy for the universities, increased funding and approved 70 years as the retirement age for lecturers." With regards to ASUU's first demand, a 109 percent pay hike for university teachers, Akunyili said "that one is being discussed."She said, "We must first go and look at what we have, the nitty gritty of it, our revenue profile. Can we afford it?"
She was however confident that the matter would soon be resolved, saying, "We will soon get to the end of it by the grace of God. It's a matter of dialogue, and dialogue is never automatic."According to Akunyili, President Umaru Yar'Adua would hold a meeting with relevant stakeholders on the issue of salary increment for the striking ASUU members before a final decision is made. She also said no one is happy that the universities are closed by the ASUU strike.

A big thank you to those who are making things work, its really wonderful, this is good news, we only hope it would finally be resolved soon.

Former Tribune M.D's Advice for Nigerian youth

NIGERIAN youths have been advised to make the fear of God their priority. The former Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief of the African Newspapers of Nigeria (ANN) Plc., Pastor Segun Olatunji, gave the advice, on Saturday, while speaking at a programme organised by The Redeemed Christian Fellowship (RCF) and The Redeemed Christian Corpers Fellowship (RCCF) at Delta State University, Abraka.

Pastor Olatunji said, “it is only when you allign your life with the purpose of God that the plans of God can come to pass in your life.

“If you leave God out of your life, no matter how gifted or talented you are, you will end your journey on earth in sorrow.” He also admonished the students and members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to make goalsetting a cardinal part of their lives, as the best in them would not come out unless they constantly set and achieved God-inspired goals.

“There is a part of your brains that is designed for setting and achieving goals. Unless you constantly use it, you will be performing well below your potential, which will make for regrets later in life,” he said.
curled from tribune

Nigerian government and Asuu Strike

THERE are no indications that the present strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) which has paralysed academic activities in the nation’s universities will end soon as the Federal Government, on Tuesday, refused to accede to the lecturers’ demand for 109 per cent pay rise.

According to the Minister of Education, Dr. Sam Egwu, the salary demand was unrealistic, especially against the fact that there were other sectors which had also demanded for salary increases.

The minister, who was speaking at an interactive session with the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at its national headquarters, in Abuja, also observed that the current global meltdown and shortfall in the production of crude oil, arising from the activities of Niger Delta militants, meant that government could not meet such a demand.

According to him, “Mr. President approved that there should be an inter ministerial committee to look at this salary issue, because as you are talking of salary for ASUU, mind you, the Nigeria Labour Congress is also talking of salary for every member of the public service. The medical sector is also demanding. So, it is not something that can be done and we have not considered the other people demanding for salary increases.”

Itemising the four key demands of the striking lecturers, he noted that most of them had been implemented by the present administration. According to Dr. Egwu, “the only issue that is outstanding is salaries. They are asking government to pay academic staff 109 per cent of what they are receiving now. In other words, 109 per cent should be their new salary.

“Government is saying inasmuch as there is nothing bad in paying academics that amount, you have to pay something that is realistic and sustainable. Something they can pay today, tomorrow and next tomorrow. Something they can pay and they will be very happy that they are also touching other needs of the country. That is where we are now,” he stated.

The meeting between the leadership of ASUU and the Minister of Education, Dr. Sam Egwu, called by the Senate Committee on Education, Mrs. Joy Emordi, was, on Tuesday, deadlocked as both of them refused to shift grounds.

However, at the time of sending this report, both of them were in a closed door meeting with the Senate Committee on Education deliberating on whether they could still find a solution.

The ASUU team, was led by the National Chairman, Professor Ukachukwu Awuzie, and assisted by Dr. Dipo Fasina, Dr. Abdullahi Sule Kano and Dr. Nasiru Isa Fagge, among others, while the Minister of Education led his own team.

At the open meeting, which was presided over by the chairman of the Senate Committee on Education, Professor Awuzie informed the committee that there was an agreement contrary to the position of the minister.

How long shall we wait at home, loosing more time before the government and Asuu agrees on something to do?


ASUU is on strike again, i wonder if any academic year can go by without ASUU going on strike, its really disheartening as this one of the major reasons why 4year course in Nigerian public universities is prolonged to about 6 or 7 years. well reports says that; THE Senate on Monday, in Abuja, summoned the officials of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the Minister of Education, Dr. Sam Egwu, over the on going strike embarked upon by ASUU which has paralysed activities in the government owned universities. The leadership of ASUU and the minister who are expected at the Senate today (Tuesday), are to explain the disagreement between the government and ASUU over an alleged agreement reached with ASUU.

The Chairman, Senate committee on Education, Mrs. Joy Emodi, disclosed this in on Monday in Abuja. Senator Emodi pleaded with the university teachers to have a re-think and consider the students, most especially the final year students.

She called on them to believe in the ability of the government to address the issues at hand, noting that the President, Vice-President, the minister of education and the two chairmen of the National Assembly committees of education, were themselves former teachers.

According to her “Once they agree on something, they have to sign it,” she said in disapproval of the government’s reluctance to sign the agreement.

“But apart from that, they have actually started operating some parts of the agreement like the autonomy in the appointment of vice-chancellors as the government now allows the governing councils of the universities to have a free hand.”

She added that “the crux of the matter now has to do with the condition of service. It is my opinion that every right thinking Nigerian should support very good, attractive conditions for university lecturers. It will also help to improve the quality of education in the country, and stop the brain drain that is now affecting our universities.”

Meanwhile, indications emerged in Abuja on Monday that the current indifinte strike embarked upon by ASUU may last longer as the Federal Government is prepared to offer the lecturers 40 per cent increase in salary against the over 100 per cent demanded by the union.

A Presidency Source told the Nigerian Tribune that the Inter-Ministerial Committee headed by the Secretary to Government of the Federation, Alhaji Mahmud Ahmed Yayale, would soon convene a meeting with the ASUU, where the offer would be made known to them.

Please let something be done urgently, we can afford to have people staying at home for a reason not their fault.


There is something very crucial i want us to think about, and thats about the nationality of Nigeria, do we actually believe in one Nigeria, despite the different language, different traditions, different culture, do we believe we can live together in love and peace, in unity, in bond, can Nigeria survive as one, can all the ethnics in the country of Nigeria remain together, or do you believe that, the Biafra should go on its own, the naija-delta, the youruba's, the hausa's, should all be seperated?i dont know what you actually think about this. This is a great concern for Nigeria and Nigerians, do we think the name Nigeria can still bind all of us together, this is something we cant continue to shy away from, we need to be objective, and proffer a solution to this issue. If we the youth of Nigeria can all agree on one thing, then we can at least know we would have one voice, this would go a long way in strengthening our nation. On my part i think its worth it, we need to remain together as we have always been. I ask let all of us have this mindset, WITH THIS MINDSET WE CAN ACHIEVE ALL THAT WE WANT.

Fela Durotoye

Have you heard of that name, if not i would wonder if you are a Nigerian, i guess the youths would know him more,Fela Durotoye, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (OAU), is a com puter scientist and an economist by training, with financial and management consulting experience with Ventures and Trusts Limited. He has a master's degree in Business Administration and also M. Phil in Strategic Management. this is someone we can consider as a role model for the Nigerian youth, he has plans, he educates, he inspires. Personally i consider him my role model, am also an ambassador of his initiation; GEMSTONE. if you would like to know more about this rare gem, then i suggest you click on the title of this post, to get first hand information about him, he is someone you should meet, see you there.

Admission crisis into Nigerian Universities

Just stumbled on a write up while browsing the internet, feel i should let you all see it, still on the issue of academic problems and issues facing the Nigeria youth.
The authors critically examined the problems of admission into Nigeria Universities; and expressed the view that about seventy percent of Nigerians are not aware of the essence of the present system of education, which is geared towards producing individuals with adequate knowledge and skills needed for self-reliance or employment on graduation from secondary school. Consequently, most parents and students still lust for the academic type or university education, hence the serious problem of admission into Nigeria Universities.

Certain factors militate against thousands of qualified Nigerians getting admission into Nigerian Universities. These factors include:
shortage of adequate manpower;
federal government policy on admission and the effect of catchments area and quota system
Inadequate Number of Universities in Nigeria
Lack of Adequate Facilities
Lack of Awareness of the Essence of the Educational System.
etc if you want to see the full details of this write up, click the heading of this post at the top.

Ngerian Universities

Looking closely at the universities we have in Nigeria, the first thing you notice is that is is over populated, that is the number of students exceeds the actual amount that should be there, this is not to mock our dear country or universities, but then the question is why cant there be more universities, the lecture theater gets as full as we having students staying in the corridor to listen to lectures, the classes are so large that if not seated in front, it would be impossible to hear what the lecturer has to say, a lot of times missing result is a normal phenomenal in our universities what do we do about situations like this?
Our Bachelor's degree in Nigeria holds no water in no part of the world. why because it has been concluded that we don't produce good graduates, what then should we do about this?
Nigerians have now put up the attitude of let me come out with anything, "whatever i read i can still work in the Bank" isn't that true?
Truthfully a lot people come out from this same universities, with all the problems and all the stress and yet they are tops in their field, so then the question is not really with the university, but the student. Our lecturers are really doing their best, a lot of the professors in our universities are well read, and they are trying to give us the best, well i think the rest is left with us as student to either come out the best or a mediocre which a lot of us prefer to be. Never ever forget that every child as to compete with every other child around the world, the world is an open place, what you make out of it is highly dependent on you.

Micheal Jackson

While growing up as a child, i use to dream of being like MJ, i use to try out his steps, tried singing like him, would imagine when i would be given the opportunity to have a hair do like his, all those wish finally drained as i saw my then hero change from what he was to what we had become in the recent past. That's not the essence of this message, no doubt MJ was a great man, as a matter of fact i would also agree that he is a legend.Going through some of the songs he sang, he was indeed a born musician, he was born to do it, the press said he was planning to go on another tour, but then death said, its time to go. I would like to say again TIME IS PRECIOUS, whatever you have to do today, do it the best way you can, like your life depended on it, give it your best shot. A lot of us still have talents inside of us that we haven't started using,let us discover the gifts we have inside of us, we need to wake up and smell the coffee its a new day, do something the world would recognize you for, don't waste time, time is precious.

Reuben Abati and Nigerian Entertainers

The tabloid in the guardian news paper that brought up so much dust is really amazing to me, its not the first time there would be such criticism, but how come this has raised up so much dust, well someone like rugged man got his fame through this kind of criticism, but why is this so different, well from my opinion, the man is partially right, its only the gravity at which he spoke about those things i worry about, he mentioned a lot of names, wrote their lyrics, i must comment the man, he is current but yet he still has an oldskool mentality, because i don't personally understand his problem with funkynyzn of the name Nigeria, i don't see how that shows dis respect, anyway, the man has made a lot of point, especially the fact that we get to hear more of beat than good lyrics these days, that is the truth, so i dont think we should just criticize the man without putting into consideration the truth in all he has said, i dont think its right for us to just judge, he is not saying he is not proud of us, he is simply saying we can do better, i think that should be taken as an elderly advice, in my own opinion, Banky w was too rash in answering back, its not a clash for stars.
Our Nigerian musicians are really doing well, but i think they can do better,i think this what he is trying to say, although am not in favour with the comparisons he made. Lets look inward and look deep into what he has said, some truthful, some biased, but then lets pick the good and make good use of it.

Questions for Nigerian youth

Questions for Nigerian youth

A lot of questions run through my mind everyday, and they have become a burden to my heart;
Why cant we make something relevant in the technology sector (e.g invention)?
why are we still struggling with power generation(PHCH)?
why is there a high rate of unemployment?
why are our politicians so corrupt?
why do we all prefer to leave our country(at least a high percentage)?
why cant we have enough universities?
why do we prefer to do scam(419)than other legitimate business?
why cant we have our own refineries?,
To be continued.....................

Nigeria youth and Admission problems

Alot of us Nigerians are still battling with the issue of entering universities, but most of us wait ignorantly, while waiting for admission, there host of other things we can engage in, from learning a craft, to increasing our knowledge.
While waiting for admission, we can enroll in for computer classes,language courses, or even start up professional courses from the beginners level, instead alot of us waste precious time doing nothing. Sitting at home would not help you, or getting involved in other activities that would not improve us, our alm is to look for something important to do that will add value to our lives.