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Something to live for

I was listening to the radio today and the presenter said and i believe most people know this quote;If you dont have any dream you can die for,well you dont have anything to live for.I would rather you have something you can live for,personally my advice for you is that you have a dream you can spend the rest of your life watching and making sure gets fuifilled.That brings me to the issue of education, career,relationship.You will agree with me that all this go along way in helping your dreams come true,all you have to do is get the right course,the right job and get the right patner.i'll try to talk on specific issues as the days come by.My best wish is to be a solution to the problems of people around the world.


Alot of people have been trying to gain admission into a university,but its been a problem,especially Nigerians, so the deal is i have a list of schools you could attend but this are foreign schools.i wroteamb four times,wrote sat,wanted to write cut the long story short im presently in a school in republique de benin, its good school,we're being taught in English,if you're interested pls contact me
Hey your problem could be anything,emotional, financial, educational.all you have to do is send me a post or refer to my personal email contact me if you want.

Im at a fix

Hi palls, really i wanna make gud use of my blog but just cant seem to get down to a particular thing
Well this one thing i can do well counsell for free im good at it.if you have any problems whatsoever let me know and im sure you'll get a solution.just try it out.