Nigerian youth and the internet

It's common to see every guy/ girl with a smart phone today, all thanks to china who has made options available to us. Our network providers have also done their part in providing internet, so here we are. 

Many youths today spend nothing less than 12 hours on the internet, mostly on the social network platforms : Facebook, twitter, badoo and the likes, but how many of us know that right in our hands is something that can change you, pay you and totally transform your life.

The internet has brought about new ideas and people all over the world are thinking of new concepts and ideas that they can establish, while many of us are chatting our life away. Do you know with your phone you can make money? With your phone, you can dedicate an hour everyday to a particular field or subject, soon you would be extremely knowledgeable in that area and can even begin to command respect, with that phone you can get books you will ordinarily have had to pay for, with your phone you meet and get a mentor who will help position you rightly. Or you can spend all your day having twitter fight and chatting away precious time of your life. It's really up to you. You need to ask yourself.... What exactly have I achieved online?