GIFT OF GRATITUDE; gratitude means being grateful and i once heard a saying that said “ONLY GREAT FOOLS ARE UNGRATEFUL” some people keep complaining that they don’t get, you can never get anything from anybody if you are not a grateful person, gratitude is very important, and in other to be able to practice this we have to learn the magic of saying THANK YOU, some people feel too big to say this, then they are too big to have anything. Grateful people always have a lot of people around them because of this gift of gratitude.
GIFT OF PROBLEMS; I call problems, challenges, at times all you need is a challenge that you eventually overcome for you to realise the strength you have within, problems or challenges at times are stepping stones to move on to the next level, a lot of times we don’t know how much we have inside of us until we face a challenge and overcome it, then we can begin to see the potentials we have inside of us. Let me tell you the truth if you are not ready to face challenges you are not ready to go the next level of your life, get it now, that challenge is the step to the next level can’t you see that’s a gift? It is.
GIFT OF LEARNING; learning is a gift and you need to learn the act of learning , it’s essential, you can’t learn you can’t grow, as outlined in the point above, you need to be able to learn from the experiences you’ve been through. LEARN, LEARN AND LEARN and when you do, trust me you will know it’s a gift.
GIFT OF THE DAY; A lot of people play away their day, every day you have is an opportunity to do something, do something new, a new day is another day to do something better than you did yesterday, really yesterday is gone, tomorrow is farfetched but what you have now is today, why not use your today wisely, make up your mind not to play away your today, it’s a gift.
GIFT OF LOVE; Love is the greatest, it can conquer, it can strengthen, it has power, the gift of love is the most potent, when you have love, you have life, love and be loved; it’s the greatest of all gifts.


I watched a movie (an American film) today titled “THE ULTIMATE GIFT”, it’s a film you should see, it taught me a lot of things, and i would like to share the lessons i learnt, although i still insist you should watch the movie. It’s the story of a grandfather who gave his grandson what he called the ultimate gift and in other for the young man to get this ultimate gift, he had to first learn to have the following gifts, which would eventually make him get the ultimate gift, and these gifts are thus;
GIFT OF WORK; work is an important part of life, it’s something every human should have, the gift of work makes you a focus person, no matter how big anybody might be or want to be, you have to work for somebody or something.
GIFT OF MONEY; money is good, like we all say money answereth all things, money can buy you the beautiful things of life, but we need to understand that it's a gift, it's not a do or die affair, that’s why we should endeavor to go about the right way to get the gift of money.
GIFT OF FRIENDSHIP; this is very important, friendship is essential in life, we need people we can lean on, people that can be there when we need somebody, but we must choose carefully who our friends should be, some people are our friends because of what they can get from us, some people are parasites in our life, we must try everything possible to rid ourselves of this kind of people. When you have real friends you will truly understand that friendship is a gift.
GIFT OF FAMILY; a lot of people have family members who are not worth it, in the sense that we can’t count on them, not all families are bonded, that's why a lot of people look for love outside their home, i have come to understand that we have our part to play too when it comes to family building, do your part in establishing the bond of your family, your family is very important, if you truly have a family you can count on, then you can enjoy the gift of family.
GIFT OF GIVING; we all have to learn the act of giving, giving is powerful, it’s the tool of the rich, look or study the richest men on earth, they are men who love to give, if you can’t give you simply can’t take, giving is a very essential gift in life, have you heard the saying, “GIVERS NEVER LACK” so why not learn the act of giving, it’s very essential, the most surprising thing about giving is, i have never heard of anyone that gave so much till he became poor, no matter how much you give you can never lack, truly giving is a gift.

Nigeria Youths, What Kind of Leaders Tomorrow?

Nigeria’s future is uncertain. Even more unclear is the identity of the leaders who will steer the nation in the coming decade. Will dynastic politics continue to define electoral trends? Do businessmen make the best politicians? The question we don’t ask and deliberate on today is what Nigeria leadership will look like in coming years.

Leaders, especially in times like these, are people who can inspire the public, change their opinions and attitudes, rather than working against popular opinion or inciting a bloody revolution. Nigeria needs a leader who understands Nigeria’s tailored needs. Text book solutions cannot be implemented directly; neither will trial and error work as Nigeria is a country with a complex set of problems. The leader, who understands her specific needs, would be able to steer the country out of the current dark situation. The question that came to my mind when for an example during the hay-days running up to the 2007 elections, The ADC presidential candidate Patrick Utomi was said to not be a “politician” because he has not been playing “politics” before. Why must all the leaders Present/future of the country be from the political sector? What about leaders in business, entrepreneurship, technology, science, health, education, rural development, urban development, human rights, legal reforms? Who says only a politician will be able to lead Nigeria? About time we define leadership in Nigeria more broadly to really reflect the diverse country and economy that we need to steer and put political leadership where it belongs –

Harold Pinter (Nobel Laureate) wrote and I concur “The majority of politicians, on the evidence available to us, are interested not in truth but in power and in the maintenance of that power. To maintain that power it is essential that people remain in ignorance, that they live in ignorance of the truth, even the truth of their own lives. What surrounds us therefore is a vast tapestry of lies, upon which we feed”.

As long as we remain ignorant and keep feeding on lies, tomorrow’s Nigeria is not going to be any different. It is more likely to be worse. Who is going to tackle the enormous problems facing the country? You name the problem, Nigeria got it.

1 Education. Literacy rate is abysmal after years.

2 Poverty. Nigeria had always been living on handouts from abroad.

3 Nigeria has many resources which are either not tapped or being misused.

4 Employment. The larger the unemployment, greater the problems we shall have.

5 Infrastructure. Nigeria has not improved on the colonial infrastructure.

6 Law and Order. I don’t have to enlarge on the mess Nigeria is in.

7 Politics. Nigeria eventually has ‘democracy’, but the way the politicians are acting it may not last very long.



Source; Nigerian village square


“I will never steal government money, I will never collect a bribe, I will never cover up fraud. I am not corrupt. I will vote in elections. I truly believe Nigeria can work. I will do my bit to make change happen. I love my country. I am the future. I represent Nigeria.”were the words Okonjo Iweala told the Nigeria youth who were present at the Future Awards ceremony usually organized for Nigerian youths who have shown great leadership or exemplary endeavors in their respective field.
During the presentation of the awards, Tolu Sangosanya went home with the award of Best Use of Advocacy while the Best Use of Science honour went to Ify Aniebo. Distinguished for Best Use of Technology was Bade Adesemowo as Debola Lewis went home with the Business owner of the Year award.

Other winners include Screen Producer of the Year, Kenneth Gyang; Team of the Year, African Youths Unite for Change; Style Entrepreneur of the Year, Linda Ikeji.

Star prize, the Young Person of the Year went to Miss Aniebo for braking boundaries as a research scientist outside the country. Aniebo was the youngest and only black person in the Wellcome-Oxford-WHO unit in Thailand and in the Malaria Department at the Sanger institute in Cambridge. She is presently researching on a vaccine for malaria while she is studying for a a PhD at Oxford University, United Kingdom.


I believe so much in Nigeria, everything going on right now is a phase and very soon, we would get to the height we are hoping for, this call goes out to all patriotic Nigerians not to loose hope in our dear nation, we might be corrupt, we might be notorious, there seem to be so much chaos in the land, but all these cannot stop the emerging force of people like you and me that would create the CHANGE our dear nation Nigeria as been waiting for.
I see the rays of hope gradually coming to light, i see the emergence of young men and women who will stop at nothing until Nigeria as become the place, land and home of our dreams, Nigeria as potentials we cannot doubt that, the home of great minds. Its no more a dream, its already a reality, we have gotten to a place where no one can stop us anymore. A great wind of change is sweeping through the nation, Nigerian youth get ready, equip yourself, empower yourself, there is a place for everyone as we embark on the task of lighting up our nation.