GIFT OF GRATITUDE; gratitude means being grateful and i once heard a saying that said “ONLY GREAT FOOLS ARE UNGRATEFUL” some people keep complaining that they don’t get, you can never get anything from anybody if you are not a grateful person, gratitude is very important, and in other to be able to practice this we have to learn the magic of saying THANK YOU, some people feel too big to say this, then they are too big to have anything. Grateful people always have a lot of people around them because of this gift of gratitude.
GIFT OF PROBLEMS; I call problems, challenges, at times all you need is a challenge that you eventually overcome for you to realise the strength you have within, problems or challenges at times are stepping stones to move on to the next level, a lot of times we don’t know how much we have inside of us until we face a challenge and overcome it, then we can begin to see the potentials we have inside of us. Let me tell you the truth if you are not ready to face challenges you are not ready to go the next level of your life, get it now, that challenge is the step to the next level can’t you see that’s a gift? It is.
GIFT OF LEARNING; learning is a gift and you need to learn the act of learning , it’s essential, you can’t learn you can’t grow, as outlined in the point above, you need to be able to learn from the experiences you’ve been through. LEARN, LEARN AND LEARN and when you do, trust me you will know it’s a gift.
GIFT OF THE DAY; A lot of people play away their day, every day you have is an opportunity to do something, do something new, a new day is another day to do something better than you did yesterday, really yesterday is gone, tomorrow is farfetched but what you have now is today, why not use your today wisely, make up your mind not to play away your today, it’s a gift.
GIFT OF LOVE; Love is the greatest, it can conquer, it can strengthen, it has power, the gift of love is the most potent, when you have love, you have life, love and be loved; it’s the greatest of all gifts.

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