Nigerian youth and the internet

It's common to see every guy/ girl with a smart phone today, all thanks to china who has made options available to us. Our network providers have also done their part in providing internet, so here we are. 

Many youths today spend nothing less than 12 hours on the internet, mostly on the social network platforms : Facebook, twitter, badoo and the likes, but how many of us know that right in our hands is something that can change you, pay you and totally transform your life.

The internet has brought about new ideas and people all over the world are thinking of new concepts and ideas that they can establish, while many of us are chatting our life away. Do you know with your phone you can make money? With your phone, you can dedicate an hour everyday to a particular field or subject, soon you would be extremely knowledgeable in that area and can even begin to command respect, with that phone you can get books you will ordinarily have had to pay for, with your phone you meet and get a mentor who will help position you rightly. Or you can spend all your day having twitter fight and chatting away precious time of your life. It's really up to you. You need to ask yourself.... What exactly have I achieved online? 

Nigerian Youth and my oga at the top saga

Honestly to be frank, I didn't watch that program on channels television, I just started seeing comments and posts on facebook and twitter, but I had a good laugh when I did.

l also got a message out of it all, first that man showed us a picture of the kind of people who work in Nigeria, people who work in a particular field but know absolutely nothing about the field, they don't study, they don't read, all they do is go around doing what they have been asked to do. Secondly the issue of the oga at the top is a real issue in Nigeria, after watching that video severally, I started to think that maybe that man wanted to say something, but he couldn't, for instance what if they had no actual functional website? and he was scared to say that because that would put his oga at the top in trouble and that would also spin back at him.

We have had a good laugh out of it all, but may I say it is time to let sleeping dogs lie, we have wrecked enough havoc to last a life time for this man with the whole branding I see every where, from t shirts to video games, to animated pictures.

Apart from the statements, confusion and mannerism of this man that is so funny, I think it is something we should sit down and think about, we have a lot to learn from it, its not just a laughing matter, its a serious issue.


There has been a call to introduce entrepreneurship trianing into Nigerian Universities, the reason being that the rate of unemployed graduates in Nigeria is alarming. Nigerian graduates need to be well trained and educated as regards entrepreneurial skills, most graduates cant even write a business proposal, or even manage a small scale business. lt is evident because we have a lot of graduates who are still dependent on their parents, this is very sadening, although the Nigerian factor is also involved, however the youth of this nation need to begin to see the reason for establishing their own private business.
    From the university days, the youth can harness their potential in the area of entrepreneuship and this in the long run will benefit them and in turn will increase the National Income of the Nation. With this mindset, soon we would begin to have initiatives for the production of new products and of course services. It would be something of great achievement if we the youth can spring up industries, float companies, thereby reducing the level of importation into the country, this is the road to development as a result of an increase in GDP of the nation, but it starts with you and i; the youth of this nation.

N.B; There is a programme run by Abuja Enterprise Agency(AEA) for youth corpers, it is called NYSC ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAMME.

Nigerian youth and the election

The forth coming election brings different feelings and questions
to peoples mind; can we depend on INEC?, will it be free and fair?,
or dictated by PDP?, will it be
non-violent?, what new changes will occur?.
These and much more are the questions on peoples mind, some people
have made up their minds not to register talkless of voting, afterall
we do so all the time and eventually we get a government of the people(high class)
for the people(masses) by the people(high class).
The youth constitute up to 70 percent of the entire population, that indeed is
a very high number, that is to say with such number we can influence things to
a certain level. Starting with the utilization of youth corpers for the entire exercise.
I want to believe that we have a say, but thats if we decide to use the power we have,
all youths should endeavour to register and eventually vote, that change we want so badly
starts from now.
i have this question on my mind, how do most people decide on who to vote for?
do we consider their looks; how executive they look in their campaign posters?, or by their words?,
of course we know that in Nigerian politics "Talk is cheap" or by the material gifts we have
been given e.g money, food items etc.or by their past services?
No youth should vote for any politician who tries to buy them with gifts, also those who
want a return, when in actual fact did nothing in the past four years. Remember what Nigeria
lacks and need now are not just mere politicians but good leaders who have vision of what
they intend to do, a leader that has an agenda and systematic ways of achieving it.
At least one state i am not scared for is lagos, if Fashola comes in the second time,
we can all be sure to see more dividends of democracy.
To all the youths; vote wisely, vote for your future.

Nigeria ministry of youth development 2

You will agree with me that after going through all the vision and mission statement of this very recent ministry, it is indeed a wonderful one, but On the contrary, if you visit the reverse is the case, although they just moved into a new building, one will find most offices closed, either these officers or officials have gone on vacation (the normal Nigeria factor).
Another problem i have with this ministry is that, youths are not actually been used for anything except for the corp members despatched by NYSC whom you see carrying file from one office to the other, other than that what you see majorly are older people who can't be regarded as youths.i wonder how a ministry based on youth dosent have a quota for these youth to work in such ministry.
Also if the youths are included,(not just to carry files or type documents) but in helping in assesing and creating policies that will really benefit the Nigerian youth. The youth cover up 70 percent of the entire Nigerian population, therefore there is more to be done than it is actually been done.
It is high time a place is given to the youths of Nigeria in the entire system and this ministry should be able to make that possible. Nigerian youth are hungry for change, we want to be heard.