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You will agree with me that after going through all the vision and mission statement of this very recent ministry, it is indeed a wonderful one, but On the contrary, if you visit the reverse is the case, although they just moved into a new building, one will find most offices closed, either these officers or officials have gone on vacation (the normal Nigeria factor).
Another problem i have with this ministry is that, youths are not actually been used for anything except for the corp members despatched by NYSC whom you see carrying file from one office to the other, other than that what you see majorly are older people who can't be regarded as youths.i wonder how a ministry based on youth dosent have a quota for these youth to work in such ministry.
Also if the youths are included,(not just to carry files or type documents) but in helping in assesing and creating policies that will really benefit the Nigerian youth. The youth cover up 70 percent of the entire Nigerian population, therefore there is more to be done than it is actually been done.
It is high time a place is given to the youths of Nigeria in the entire system and this ministry should be able to make that possible. Nigerian youth are hungry for change, we want to be heard.


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  2. seriously that ministry is a hoax as far as youth issue is concern.God save the Nigerian YOUTH!

  3. I think a youth ministry woirldwide is best jugded not by number of youth within its servicebut by its output in term of policies and programmes trageted at fasttracking youth development in the country.The ministry has introduced a new national youth policy,a national youth employment policy,a national mainstreaming youth policy,a national youth development index,25 nearly completed national youth devvelopment centers,six new zonal offices and many others.I think our youth should focus on the substance rather the ephemeral.

  4. Ayaugbokor DavidJune 19, 2011 at 6:47 PM

    I am believing that the much needed change and development would soon come with time, so I am trusting the ministry`s resolve to actually tackle youth related problems and issues.
    Now, this national youth policy that is being talked about; what does it really entail? These youth development centers,what are they doing exactly? how have they been designed to affect the lives of the youth in even our rural towns and villages?
    How much awareness as to this resolve and plans by the ministry has been made available to these youth? Most Nigerian Youth have lost faith in Government and so we need some visible action and orientation.
    Nigeria is a Nation filled with vibrant and enterprising youth, all willing to contribute because we believe that Nigeria is ours to build and ours to sustain.
    Please I`ll be very interested in any project designed to touch the life of the average Nigerian youth.I work with youth orientation and sustainable development initiative(YOSDI) email: (

  5. Hai, I am George, from Kerala, India. I am a Behaviour Modification Coach; I was given the assignment of training a group of 57 youth from Nigeria, who have come to Kerala, India for doing some technical courses.The programme was a great success. If anyone in the responsible position is interested, I can give very useful and practical suggestions in designing and conducting training programmes to make the youth excellent citizens of Nigeria.

  6. The Nigerian youth have for so long been left in the dark as far as the Nigerian project is concerned. Ever since the creation of the ministry of youth development, we are yet to see functional youth ministry offices in federal secretariats scattered all over the country. Great Nigerian entrepreneurial youth who are involved in various businesses, and waiting for just a little push to get to the next level, have no clear picture of what the youth ministry can offer them. I urge our government to desist from the old philosophy of rhetoric's and save our youth from apathy and despair.

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  8. Hello i want to ask how do you send a letter or a proposal to the government of our country without being bounced off.