Nigerian Youth and my oga at the top saga

Honestly to be frank, I didn't watch that program on channels television, I just started seeing comments and posts on facebook and twitter, but I had a good laugh when I did.

l also got a message out of it all, first that man showed us a picture of the kind of people who work in Nigeria, people who work in a particular field but know absolutely nothing about the field, they don't study, they don't read, all they do is go around doing what they have been asked to do. Secondly the issue of the oga at the top is a real issue in Nigeria, after watching that video severally, I started to think that maybe that man wanted to say something, but he couldn't, for instance what if they had no actual functional website? and he was scared to say that because that would put his oga at the top in trouble and that would also spin back at him.

We have had a good laugh out of it all, but may I say it is time to let sleeping dogs lie, we have wrecked enough havoc to last a life time for this man with the whole branding I see every where, from t shirts to video games, to animated pictures.

Apart from the statements, confusion and mannerism of this man that is so funny, I think it is something we should sit down and think about, we have a lot to learn from it, its not just a laughing matter, its a serious issue.