Ngerian Universities

Looking closely at the universities we have in Nigeria, the first thing you notice is that is is over populated, that is the number of students exceeds the actual amount that should be there, this is not to mock our dear country or universities, but then the question is why cant there be more universities, the lecture theater gets as full as we having students staying in the corridor to listen to lectures, the classes are so large that if not seated in front, it would be impossible to hear what the lecturer has to say, a lot of times missing result is a normal phenomenal in our universities what do we do about situations like this?
Our Bachelor's degree in Nigeria holds no water in no part of the world. why because it has been concluded that we don't produce good graduates, what then should we do about this?
Nigerians have now put up the attitude of let me come out with anything, "whatever i read i can still work in the Bank" isn't that true?
Truthfully a lot people come out from this same universities, with all the problems and all the stress and yet they are tops in their field, so then the question is not really with the university, but the student. Our lecturers are really doing their best, a lot of the professors in our universities are well read, and they are trying to give us the best, well i think the rest is left with us as student to either come out the best or a mediocre which a lot of us prefer to be. Never ever forget that every child as to compete with every other child around the world, the world is an open place, what you make out of it is highly dependent on you.

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