Reuben Abati and Nigerian Entertainers

The tabloid in the guardian news paper that brought up so much dust is really amazing to me, its not the first time there would be such criticism, but how come this has raised up so much dust, well someone like rugged man got his fame through this kind of criticism, but why is this so different, well from my opinion, the man is partially right, its only the gravity at which he spoke about those things i worry about, he mentioned a lot of names, wrote their lyrics, i must comment the man, he is current but yet he still has an oldskool mentality, because i don't personally understand his problem with funkynyzn of the name Nigeria, i don't see how that shows dis respect, anyway, the man has made a lot of point, especially the fact that we get to hear more of beat than good lyrics these days, that is the truth, so i dont think we should just criticize the man without putting into consideration the truth in all he has said, i dont think its right for us to just judge, he is not saying he is not proud of us, he is simply saying we can do better, i think that should be taken as an elderly advice, in my own opinion, Banky w was too rash in answering back, its not a clash for stars.
Our Nigerian musicians are really doing well, but i think they can do better,i think this what he is trying to say, although am not in favour with the comparisons he made. Lets look inward and look deep into what he has said, some truthful, some biased, but then lets pick the good and make good use of it.

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