Nigerian Youth student's stay@ home prolonged

THE Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has accused the Federal Government of employing propaganda and distortion of facts on issues that led to the current strike in the public universities.

The union also said it was yet to receive any order from the Industrial Arbitration Panel (IAP), asking it to go back to the classrooms. The chairman of ASUU, Ilorin Zone, Professor Eddy Olanipekun, said in Akure at the weekend, that instead of addressing the issues that led to the strike, the Federal Government was only chasing shadow.

He said the allegation that the union wanted the Federal Government to provide the quantum of money needed to fund the university system in the country, was not true.

He however, said the union had agreed with the Federal Government’s team that the injection of funds in the country should be in phases until the minimum 26 per cent target was attained.

ASUU said, “It is therefore not true, as being branded in some quarters, that the union wanted government to produce the quantum of funds required to fund the education system at once. It is also not true that government cannot find the resources from which to make the required level of funding available.

“The issue of conditions of service for academic staff of Nigerian universities has been unduly politicised. The propaganda of government, which has been projected in many press and media briefings by government functionaries, is that ASUU members are only concerned about their salaries and conditions of service

Please, Please and Please we are tired of all this talk, can something be done, Nigerian youths can keep staying at home

Also watch out for the news of Federal government increasing student tution in federal universities to 180,000 per session.......VERY FUNNY


  1. God punish them all

  2. God go destroy dem no b only punish idiots

  3. Oboy i no no wetin 2 du 2 read or du busines..some talk say strike go soon end odas say e no fit end lyk dat..wich 1 make i belive..?

  4. 180,000 z almost wat ai pay as my sh feez....God will alwayz provide

  5. What a hell, idiot.

  6. --can u imagine a country as NIGERIA known globally having not up to 12 % education system?
    ---no university in d country can be rated among 1,000 universities worldwide?
    ---students stand up for long hours to receive their lectures?
    ---extortion from students due to lack of compensated salary scale for lectures?
    ---imagine a 70 yrs old man standing in classroom to lecture-what does he have to offer?
    ---everyone aiming for the gain without taking the pains.
    no one is ready to sacrifice...all chasing the gain (money)

  7. †ђξ God ϑα† I serve will purnish Goodluck jornathan 4 dis nonsense, it's just because their children r not schooling here ϑα† s †ђξ only reason why they r doing this.