Nigerian youth need to start thinking

I have noticed that most of us need a push before we can do anything, we want someone to tell us what to do and how to do it at all times, we must understand that in as much as that its good for people to lead us, we need to move at a certain point in our life, we need to rise up to the occassion. Thats why you are called a youth, if you spend quality time thinking about the right things, at the end of the day, you discover that you come out with good and quality ideas, and as the chinese saying goes in english "GOOD THINKING, GOOD PRODUCT".

What you produce, is what you have been thinking about, when you think of negative things, that is what you will eventually start producing, if you think of positive things, thats what you will produce. I discovered that the youth in other developed nations are the ones making things happen, the youth of any country can determine in the long run what that country will become, in china for instance, the youths produce most of those things that are imported to nigeria, is it not so sad that as small as a sharpener or eraser can be we still want to import it, let us start thinking, we can make things happen if only we are ready to start thinking.


  1. woww
    i no i never riily tot abt it like dat.its tru we actually import pencils and erasers,tis so sad.
    But do u no dat some of us actually have big dreams and laid out plans,but its like the society is not ready to trust us,to belive in us.Dats so many great minds r silent or almost as guud as dat.I think if we get more support at least the willing and tallented, we would be surpried at the kind of stuf we r loaded with.()like you

  2. yes you are correct, we do need alot of people who can support, but the bitter truth is there might not be, its time we look deep down within ourselves and begin to form synergies with other youths and see what we can come out with, Nigerian youth we gonna make it.