Red Strat and Nigeria Youth

This is an organisation that concentrates on the Nigerian youth and focus is on their way of life, but most importantly, they identify the achievements of youths in the country, i went through their website just yesterday, looked up the nominees of the last award, i was surprised that we had such inteligent people in our nation, the truth of the matter is, the world is filled with challenges, but despite that we have people that have dammned these obstacles and found their way to the top, people just like you and me, young, energetic, inspiring youths and Red Strat has made it its job to seek out these ones. This is what RED STRAT has to say;

Organiser of The Future.. Awards, RedSTRAT is a strategic communications company, primarily targeted at the young - and the young at heart, as well as a youth resource agency. Through a keen and consistently correct understanding of young people, their needs, their wants, their current raves and craves it is able to connect with them effectively.

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