Nigeria-youth i would like to ask us this question "AFTER SECONDARY SCHOOL WHAT NEXT"? I know the obvious answer to that question is ofcourse to gain admission to the university, or a college of some sort, but we have come to undrstand that because of the population of our dear country Nigeria, not everybody can get into a university at the same time, so therefore it becomes survival of the fittest, i for one had to stay for five years before i finally started my real BSC degree. My point is that while at home we should endeavour to get something doing, go for a course in computer, study a language, learn an art work, improve on a skill, just do something and like i said no knowledge is wasted, dont be surprised somewhere along the line you'll need those skill. "WHEN OPPOURTUNITY MEETS WITH PREPARATION IT EQUALS TO SUCCESS". After secondary school, we should have other objectives and aims of things or visions we can achieve, because Nigeria is highly populated, so the competition is high so we need proper preparation in other to be above our pairs, in job interviews its not only about what you study but how vast you are, thats what they're interested in. IF YOU WASTE TIME, TIME WILL WASTE YOU.

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