How to open a blogger

Alot of people have been asking me how to open a blog or what is about the blog? The first question i'll like to ask you is that do you have any interest, i mean do you have anything you can write about, relationship, marriage, education, food, vocation e.g carpentry, electricity, could be on friendship, poems,just articles on a specific issue, internet, ur likes, ur dislikes anything at all you can think of, anything at all you know you won't run out of words, thats why it should be something you like to do naturally, or something you have a keen interest in, then you are ready to go,there so many types of bloggers, but i use google blogger and i recommend it for you all because its so user friendly and you can go about it very easily, but the first step is to open a google account go to, open a new account, which will give you a gmail account too, then go to the home page of google and check out blogger, then you can open a blog account too, I have an advice for you on what to call the name of your blogger, through years of searching the web, i have come to understand that its not so cool to just use your name to open a blogger or a website why?it dosent depicts what you do on such site, so my best bet for you is to use a name that tells what your site is offering, if you want to talk about clothes, then ur site should be like or do you understand. If you have any problem send me a comment or subscribe and i'll get back at you as soon as possible. watch out for how to make money with your blogger,

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