I have come to understand that getting into the university is one major problem Nigerian-youth face, well not to worry, am not saying that i want to provide more schools, thats not even the issue, here in school, in a course am taking called economic development, the issue of Nigerian playing down on informal education is something that is causing great concern, am not saying that formal education is not good, as a matter of fact i come from the school of thought that says that formal education is very essential, however i'll try to explain the types of education we have to us. Formal education is that which you take in the four walls of a classroom or the college or university, while the latter is not restricted to the classsroom, informal education is something that is passed from one generation to the other, it usually goes in the act of what you can do, i have come to understand that underplaying on informal education is what countries like China avoid, as a matter of fact, the asian countries thrive more on informal education, and we can see clearly what impact that has on their economy, formal education is good no doubt, but we need to wake up to the reality that informal education will go a long way to profit us and our economy, Nigerian-youth while you're still trying to get admission or something why dont you give yourself another form of education that might not necessarily be within a four wall?LETS THINK ABOUT IT.

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