Nigeria is a mixed economy that is to say its not totally a capitalist country, neither is it a centrally planned economy far from that, well this is my point, if nigeria musst grow like most developed nations then the first vital key after our population is the human resources, the minds of the people in such country, the human resources talks about how creative and innovative the minds are, for a country to be developed it needs a developed mind, for a country to be developed, the people of such country need to have developed themselves to the point where they have no choice than to develop their country. the development of a nation starts from the people as a matter of fact from the mind of the poeole.
My point is Nigeria should begin to find way to develop its own human resources, which would become positive in the long run, however the people themselves should begin to imbibe the attitude of developing themselves.
For the nigerian youth we should not forget that other people in other nations are not better than us, its how much they have put their brains to work, in fact we have the same brain nevertheless we are not using it maximally, Let us THINK RIGHT

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