What Nigerian Youths Need To Know About Getting a Job

Many young people troop about looking for jobs but very few eventually get hired. Many employers are looking for young smart people to work for them, however, a handful of our young people are interviewed and hired. So why are they not getting jobs? Why are the employers not hiring freely?

Most times I conduct my interviews as an employer right in front of the office door. ?When did you live school? Did you complete senior school? Are you computer literate? Are you Internet literate? Do you have an active email address? Do you have your CV with you? When the answer to the last three questions are no, I thank the visitor and release him/her. Even when I am looking for a cleaner I pose the same questions. As an employer, I have decided that my cleaners would be computer literate.

So what should the youth (young school leavers) do to attract employers? They should do these five things. They would be surprised about the kind of response they would get.

Acquire relevant computer skills today

Not every computer skill is relevant for basic office operations, though all skills are useful, not all would give you audience in most small offices. Such computer skill as programming, web designing, and computer maintenance are useful but no one looking for simple office job should start with them. If you are looking for a simple office job start with such computer skills as ms word, ms excel, and ms access database and internet operations. You must start with the basics and later build up your skill portfolio. Employers want people who can do basic office operations. If you are already working but not computer literate enroll in a part time computer program and upgrade your skills. Use your lunch time to learn something new and useful. I have seen many young men and women work in shops for years without becoming computer literate. If you must move up in our society today you must strain yourself. Use your time well; learn how to use computers.

Find out what Employers Want

Ask friends and relatives who are working what their day to day work involves, ask them what their employers expect from them and find out what skills are mostly required. Find out if they are having any setbacks because of what they can not do for their employers. Inquire from your relatives and friends who were recently hired what they were asked in their interviews. Find out from them what they did to get an interview. If you get these information and act on it, you would be in a better position to make yourself attractive to prospective employers. In addition, you would be surprised to know that most of your friends who were hired have almost all the aforementioned skills.

In summary, it is my conviction that every young person who has just completed senior school or has been at home for quiet some time without job, must not loose hope or despair. Rather what they should concern themselves with is what they should do to attract employers. This attraction of employers goes beyond good looks. You must be ready to acquire skills, skills that would set you apart from others when your CVs are considered by employers. Remember, serious organizations would look at your VC before inviting you for an interview. Your CV is what they see, not your looks. So enrich your CV with above mentioned relevant skills and employers would be compelled to invite you for a chat. Learn something today; spend money on your brain, not on your brawn.

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